Monday - Friday Commute Ride
When Weekdays 6:00 AM and 4:30/5:00 PM  Ride 10-50,  Flat,  Flexible
Where To and From Work  Leader Mike Snyder, 468-9745,
   Description Commute to work and gain Club miles.  Submit your ride plan to the Ride Leader.  Your plan must include to/from locations and RT mileage.  Then send a weekly note to the Ride Leader listing the days you rode.

 Monday Constitutional

When Monday
                   10:00 AM
 Ride 15-40, Flat, Flexible
Where Carmichael, Five Points, Corner of Arden & Fair Oaks  Leader Dennis King, 284-4555,

The ride will be in semi-hybernation through March.  Mondays only.  We will ride up to Folsom lake, take a short break and then return.  Options to continue over Folsom Crossing rd to points beyond.  Ride goes rain or shine.  Check Yahoo groups for updates.
Tuesday Breakfast Ride
When Tuesdays
8:30 AM
 Ride 25-75, Rolling, Flexible
Where Wayne's Bench, William Pond Park,
Bike Trail at the end of Arden Way
 Leader Tom Goodwin, 362-1780,, Nick Hourigan, 487-0993,
   Description Join a group of easy riders on this long standing traditional weekly ride on the bike trail. Different direction each week to find favorite breakfast stops, some old, some new.
Tuesday Breakfast Ride Downtown
When Tuesdays
9:00 AM
Ride 25-75, Flat, Flexible
Where Miller Park
Front Street South off Broadway
Leader Bob Maben, 455-5715,, Dave Storm, 665-2169,
  Description The "other" breakfast ride on Tuesday will explore a variety of breakfast destinations in the area. There will be an extended ride each week as well.
Wednesday Breakfast Ride
When Wednesdays
            10:00 AM
 Ride 30-75+, Flat,  Flexible
Where Sacramento, Grant Park on C St. near 22nd St.  Leader

Joe McCormick, 488-1032, 

Clayton Boudreau, 424-6030,

   Description Midtown start.  The goal is to ride loops in northern direction.  Snack at Jimmy's.


Thursday Breakfast Ride
When Thursdays
8:30 AM
 Ride 45-75, Rolling,  Flexible

Sunrise Bridge PL Bike Trail and Gold River, Gold River Shopping Center, SE corner of Sunrise Blvd & Gold Country Rd.

 Leader Dick Shultz, 853-1011, Sandy Yarrow, 791-3426,  Dave Clifton, 353-1137,
   Description A social group ride to a different breakfast spot each week, with two groups to allow for varied distances, speeds and abilities. We offer an extended ride option after breakfast depending on the area and the weather. Away starts are planned periodically in addition to the Sunrise start, and will be announced at the Tuesday Breakfast rides or earlier by email.
Thursday Breakfast Ride South
When Thursdays
9:00 AM
 Ride 30-60, Flat, Flexible
Where Sacramento, Florin & Riverside  Leader Gerry Rohlfes, 422-7711, Bob Maben, 455-5715,
   Description We'll meet across the street from the Shell station at Florin & Riverside. There will be long and short options.
Friday Brunch Ride

Fridays                                                     10:00 AM

Ride 30-75+,  Flat, Casual
Where Sacramento, Grant Park on C St. near 22nd St. Leader

Joe McCormick, 488-1032,

Clayton Boudreau, 424-6030,


Midtown start. The goal is to ride loops in northern direction. Snack at Jimmy's.

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